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Agent York // Natalie van der Haast (AU)

Space marine formerly part of Project Freelancer, an ethically dubious experimental military project that specialized in training special agents with armor enhancements and integrated AIs. Pretty much every agent wound up crazy, dead, or both. Bailed when the project literally crashed and burned.

Specialization: Infiltrations and security. If it's got a lock, code, or firewall, York can probably crack it, especially with the help of her AI Delta.
Combat: Highly trained space marine, pretty competent in a fight. Specializes in hand-to-hand combat but is pretty handy with a pistol and an assault rifle, too.
Equipment: Freelancer armor (high-grade space marine armor), healing unit (armor enhancement that provides first aid in the field)
AI: Delta
Delta is the logic fragment of the Freelancer set and a personality in his own right. Practical, dry and clinical, it's easy to mistake him for humorless, but Delta's just great at being rude as hell with a totally straight face, so to speak. The straight man to York's bullshit. Projects a little green hologram when he feels like being seen by other people.

PB: Cobie Smulders (img link)

York stands at about 5'9, athletic build, shoulder-length hair that's usually tied back on the job but otherwise left down. Has her fair share of scars from her military career, but the most noticeable one is on her face: during the project, York took a grenade blast too close to her face, and as a result her left eye is half-blind and gone white, and considerable scarring from the corner of her eye down to her cheek.

Cavalier smartass, laidback, notorious flirt, makes jokes at everyone's expense including her own. Shrugs most things off and rolls with whatever. Terrible liar but loves to bullshit and fuck people anyway.

Partial blindness in left eye, resulting in headaches, difficulty focusing, and an unfortunate blind spot in combat. Has a neural implant on the back of her neck for her AI.

Also pretty dead, depending on the canon point.

Backtagging: always
Threadhopping: ask first
Fourth walling: nahhh
Offensive subjects: usually I'm down, but it doesn't hurt to ask first

Telepathy/mind control: yes but ask first for mind control
Unsolicited touching: OK, York'll punch anyone getting too handsy if she minds
Flirting: basically York's default mode of communication so go for it
Romance: yes
Sex: yes

kink list to be linked

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