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outsiders | musebox & meme

[community profile] outsiders


02 intro log
york meets up with arthur [OP: [personal profile] soldad]
york meets jack [OP: [personal profile] hellodeadpeople]
joker hits on york [with [personal profile] airraid]
york runs into south [with [personal profile] traitortwin]
north sees york again [with [personal profile] noscope]
03 log: york finds wash [OP; with [personal profile] articletwelve]
11 extranet: mordin's intro [VIDEO; OP: [personal profile] salarian_savant]
extranet: isabela's intro [VIDEO; OP: [personal profile] backstabbing]
12 extranet: york offers apartment security [VIDEO; OP]
wash [[personal profile] articletwelve]
lisbeth salander [[personal profile] selfconfidence]
arthur [[personal profile] soldad]
joker [[personal profile] airraid]
garrus vakarian [[personal profile] calibrating]
carolina [[personal profile] myturn]
19 log: york & marco at intro log #2
21 log: joker and york talk illegal security rackets [OP: [personal profile] airraid]
24 log: york at the adjutant event
benji shizuka [[personal profile] techburst]
garrus vakarian [[personal profile] calibrating]
south [[personal profile] traitortwin]
wash [[personal profile] articletwelve]

MARCH 2013

19 network: york the bartender [VIDEO; OP]
wash [[personal profile] articletwelve]
benji shizuka [[personal profile] techburst]
zoe shizuka [[personal profile] electricslash]
james shepard [[personal profile] fightforthelost]
dun xiahou [[personal profile] anarrowtotheeye]
arthur [[personal profile] soldad]
marco [[personal profile] tradecraftdude]

APRIL 2013

03 log: benji comes to the bar [OP: [personal profile] techburst]
04 log: stiles tries to get a drink [OP: [personal profile] jumpiness]
09 log: york talks to marco about his brand-new job [OP; with [personal profile] tradecraftdude & [personal profile] soldad]
log: york, kengo and dun fix the water systems [EVENT; with [personal profile] anarrowtotheeye and [personal profile] mathemagician]
10 log: york loses an eye [OP; with [personal profile] noscope and [personal profile] calibrating; forward dated to 4/20]
18 log: dun comes to apologize [OP: [personal profile] anarrowtotheeye]
log: wash comes to york for advice [OP: [personal profile] articletwelve; backdated to mid-march]
23 log: york wakes up in mordin's clinic [OP; with [profile] salariansavant]
log: york post-injury
north [[personal profile] noscope]
wash [[personal profile] articletwelve]
arthur [[personal profile] soldad]
dun xiahou [[personal profile] anarrowtotheeye]
south [[personal profile] traitortwin]
marco [[personal profile] tradecraftdude]
pax nectalas [[personal profile] spinelessdecoder]
27 network: severa's intro [AUDIO; OP: [personal profile] squanderlust]

MAY 2013

23 event log: york and lauren reed [with [personal profile] eyelinerandleather]
24 log: wash comes clean about his feelings [OP: [personal profile] articletwelve]

JUNE 2013

05 log: york breaks up a bar fight with severa [OP: [personal profile] squanderlust]
network: york asks about wash's whereabouts [VIDEO; OP]
08 network: carolina's intro [AUDIO; OP: [personal profile] ifyoudontletithityou]

musebox & meme


01/23 test drive meme @ [community profile] insiders
york & north [with [personal profile] noscope]
york & maeby fünke [OP: [personal profile] lecousindangereux]
york & zoe [OP: [personal profile] electricslash]
york & sandry [OP: [personal profile] weaves]
york & garrus vakarian [OP: [personal profile] calibrating]
4/17 test drive meme @ [community profile] insiders
york & lightning [OP: [personal profile] hauteclaire]
4/23 york/arthur, inception au @ [community profile] onefreebullet [OP: [personal profile] soldad]
alignment swap!york and georgia!stiles @ [community profile] onefreebullet [OP: [personal profile] jumpiness]
06/02 garrus and york, mass effect au @ [community profile] menage_a_bro [OP]