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Agent York / Natalie van der Haast ([personal profile] neverknocks) wrote2013-01-31 04:56 pm
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So York is an infiltrations expert and she's adept in most manners of security, both digital and physical. Moreover, though, lockpicking and the like is just as much of a hobby as it is work, and she likes picking apart difficult security setups, seeing how it's put together, that kind of thing, and she likes to use her skills. (Keeps her in good practice, don't you know.) SO I've set up a permissions post to let me know if it's okay or not okay for York to do any of these things in a way that would directly affect your character. (And if you haven't responded, I will always ask you first.)

Is it okay for York to try to break into your character's apartment? If they have unusually high security, is it okay for her to succeed?
Is it okay for York to steal from your character's apartment? (Feel free to specify certain kinds of things she is or isn't allowed to take)
Is it okay for York to steal from your character's person? (Same goes for the above)
Is it okay for York to break encryptions on your character's network activity?

backtagging: yes
threadjacking: ask first
fourthwalling: ask first (probably no)
offensive subjects: yes
hugging this character: yes
kissing this character: ask first
flirting with this character: yes
fighting with this character: yes
injuring this character (include limits and severity): ask first (but most likely ok)
using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: ask first (i'm pretty game for this stuff though)